Hotelier / Hotelier Luxury Terry Towel

Hotelier and Hotelier Luxury branded terry towel are manufactured with very high tech quality machinery. Only the very best cotton – Egyptian cotton – is used for all Hotelier and Hotelier Luxury products.

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Bed Linen

Elite Hotel Supply carries two brands for bed linen: SIESTA by the BWM Group and COMFORT by Canasin.

SIESTA brand Bed Linen

Manufactured by the BWM (Bangkok Weaving Mill) Group, established in 1950 as the first weaving mill with automatic looms in Thailand .

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COMFORT brand Bed Linen by Canasin

Manufactured by Jiangsu Canasin Group.

Since 1994 Jiangsu Canasin Weaving Co., Ltd. has devoted itself to the production and R&D of top-class hotel linen products.

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Bara Stainless Works (BAC brand Stainless Steel Products)

Bara, Windsor Group of companies has been a world class trading and manufacturing company since1942.

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WNK Brand Stainless Steel Products

WNK produces finest quality Silverware and tableware, and has grown to become a major international supplier in the food service industry.

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Patra Porcelain

Patra Porcelain is the leading manufacturer of porcelain table ware in Thailand and is the first user of robots for manufacturing in South East Asia.

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Slumberland Mattress

As early as in 1920, Slumberland mattresses were manufactured in Manchester, UK, with the intention of manufacturing beds of the highest quality.

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